Here’s the link: Click here. This is our awesome, spam-free  link to make changes to submit questions or changes to your existing Produce Box Subscription: To keep it simple, I deleted most of the “mandatory fields” in the form, so please review your form, the software won’t tell you if you’d omitted something critical like your name, or what it is you’d like. Absolutely help out your farmer and let us know  who you are and which drop point/home delivery you participate in. Without that, someone has to fire up the accounting program, search you alphabetically, and go from there.

Again, here’s the link:

Click here

  1. Vacation skips are easy! Just let us know what dates to hold your order. If you’d like us to donate your box to the homeless shelter we serve, let us know that, too. If you are a biweekly subscriber, vacation skips can be confusing, please make clear what dates you’d like delivery for the entire month affected so we understand how your vacation skip is affecting your schedule.
  2. Questions or comments related to our Produce Box Program are submitted through our link so they’re not lost! We no longer use our old email system as too many important emails were lost amidst the prolific spam impacting those old addresses.
  3. Add or subtract your chicken or duck egg order. (Our chickens are fed our own high-protein freshly grown barley, leafy greens from our fields, and a commercial chicken feed from Modesto Mills that is Certified Organic and Soy Fee. Our livestock are NOT certified organic, however we are very proud of our growing practices.
  4. Existing subscribers or inquiries: No need to provide payment info, just tell us what you’d like and when.
  5. Comments? There’s a place for that as well!