Fresh beets are sweet!


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New CSA orders start right away at most drop points, use our “Contact Us” link after placing an order if you have a different preference. Orders received by Saturday at 5:00 are placed on our roster the next week, and we’ll send you a confirming Welcome Note before you have to pick up. Choose Weekly or Biweekly. You can see what a typical box looks like on a monthly basis on this site.

Once you’ve chosen which box you’d like, choose Add-ons if desired. (Eggs or juicing fruit, delivered once, biweekly, or weekly.

We accept quarterly check or quarterly Paypal Payments or monthly credit card payments. Just click on Paypal in the Payment Choice on the order form, and we’ll send you a link with which to make payment. If you would like to spread your payments out into a monthly format, please provide credit card info with your order as that’s the only way we can offer monthly payments.

Drop points: We have a few active drop points, but most subscribers opt for home delivery, which costs a few dollars more to cover time and fuel. Both options, as available, are on our order form below.

Subscription Info:  Morning Song Farm charges on a quarterly or monthly basis for your Produce Box deliveries. (billing dates are the last week in June,  the last week in September, the last week in December, and  the last week in March.) . We’ll charge for a quarter block with your order, (13 weeks) unless you indicate you’d like to opt for the monthly budgeting option on the order form….and then whether choosing our quarterly or monthly payment plan … we’ll prorate your 2nd payment if you’ve signed up mid-quarter, so that you will be on tract will everyone else here.   Your farmer will continue your subscription and charge quarterly (unless you’ve made other arrangements) for your subscription until you e-mail that you are  discontinuing. You do not have to purchase or make a commitment beyond a month’s boxes. We do not offer “gift boxes,” of one box deliveries.

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