Although we do have crop failures, fruit theft, and squirrel populations that affect us, and a llama that has discovered a taste for persimmons :/, here’s what we grow, most of which ends up in our boxes year in and year out. We do trial other things as well, tiny quantities of which find there way into our “Trade In Boxes” provided at drop point of 6 or more participants to customize subscribers’ shares.

Artichokes – Not sure yet, the harvest seems to be random. We’re working on this!

Arugula – Throughout much of the year until the flea beatles overcome our fields.

Basil – Mid Summer- Early Fall

Beans ( warm weather crop, mostly heirloom varieties; we usually focus on Royalty Purple.)

Beets – Most years, we harvest throughout the year. Squirrels love our beets, some of our numerous plantings don’t end up in our CSA boxes because of our squirrels.

Carrots – Much of the year, a staple.

Cauliflower – Cool season crop…we haven’t been too successful with cauliflower, but manage to get it in our boxes once or twice most years. The Bogota Bug loves this plant. Once they arrive…it’s a wipe out.

Celery – Much of the cooler part of the year. It grows year round, but gets bitter in the summer.

Chard – Almost year round, it’s in our boxes regularly. Every now and then we get a bird wipe out, and occassionally the squirrels become chard eaters, but for the most part…we enjoy harvesting chard year ’round.

Chicory (otherwise known as dandelion) We grow this to include in our boxes a few times a year. Spicy, somewhat like arugula.

Chives– Chives grow like grass, they’re a permanent planting. We cut whenever we can, they are slow to regrow.

Collard Greens – Similar in growth habits to chard, this high-nutrient green is becoming more popular. Use it like you would chard or kale.

Cilantro– Easy to grow herb, most of the year.

Cucumbers – Summer veggie, we usually just grow the basic cuke.

Dill – Best in the cool months for us

Fennel – Early spring for the leafy part, early for for the seeds.

Kale- Almost year round, we do take a break through most of the hottest part of the summer when the Bogota Bug wipes our rows out. Some years they will focus on green kale, and leave the lacinato alone.

Lettuces – year round

Mint – a perennial herb, doesn’t go in our boxes that often.

Mizuna – Best in the cooler months for us

Mustard greens – Another Bogota Bug favorite, we get this in our boxes a few times a year at most.

Onions, green – year round

Purslane – highly nutritious and rarely seen in the grocery store–we grow a cultivated variety of this common weed in the warmer months.

Parsley, both Italian and Curley – Year ’round.

Potatoes- year round

Radish – We love the watermelon variety, which is white and looks almost like a turnip, we also grow the heirlooms Ice Tip and Cherry.

Sage Perennial herb.

Spinach – year round

Sprouts – year round

Squashes – mostly heirloom zuchs and winter squashes for pies, muffins and soups.

Tomatoes- we normally grow  few 1000 row feet of cherry tomatoes, planting out in February and harvesting by July or so.