July 3, 2008 - Morning Song Farm

Leased more land, starting winter crops

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I can’t believe July is here already! July 15th is the beginning of our seed planting routine for our winter crops. We’ll be starting califlower, brocoli, leek, onion, garlic winter lettuces, asian greens, winter roots crops (beets, potatoes, carrots, etc.)

We’re excited about leasing the neighbor’s flat land so that we have more room to expand our row crop plantings. We’ve also acquired a large shade house to grow lettuce and greens during the dog days of summer.

July 1-2 Pick Ticket

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Pick Ticket for July 1-2, 2008

Item Large Basket/ Small Basket

Avocados-Hass 4 /Half

Baby Lettuce 2 large bags /Half

Mint 1 bunch Same

Limes 10/ Half

Apricots 20 /15

Zukes 3 pounds /2 pounds

Tomatoes, cherries 2 clamshells /Half

Kumquats 1 clamshells/ Same

Oranges, Valencias 6 /4

Carrots 1 bunch /Same

Arugula 1 bunch /Same

Swiss Chard 2 bunches /Half

Radishes 1 bunch /Same

Onion, green, bunch 1 bunch/ Same

Pok Choi 1 /Same

Beets 1 bunch /none

Beans 1 large bag/ Same

Basil 1 bunch /Same

Blackberries 2 clamshells /Half

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