We’ve gathered questions both frequently and not-so-frequently asked to help prospective guests decide if a stay at Morning Song Farm is the right choice for themselves or traveling companions.

Q: Can you explain why the price is different for 8 guests vs. 6 guests in Bunny Hill?

Also…price is different for 4 guests vs. 2 guests in all your one bedrooms?

Our pricing is typical of vacation rental prices which is a base rate for x guests and a per person fee per night after X. Our base rate for Bunny is 6 guests, and a tiny per person fee per night after that.

Our one bedroom properties are priced for two and have an additional $12 per person per night after two guests.

Our two bedroom properties is priced for four and has an additional $12 per person per night after four guests.

Our three bedroom property is priced for six and has an additional $12 per person per night after six guests.

Yes, we could just charge for MAXIMUM occupancy: 4/6/8 but then guests with smaller parties would be subsidizing those reservations with larger groups. I could just assume all Bunny bookings are for 8 and charge accordingly; but we have a lot of smaller groups that book our largest unit and so our pricing addresses that to be fair to everyone.

Q: How are activities charged? Per person, or per family, or what?
All activities are charged per property booked, up to maximum occupancy. Whether there are 1 or 8 participants in a household, the price for each private class activity is the same, up to maximum occupancy of that property. If two properties are booked, there will be TWO activity charges; guests can choose to have us do the activity separately or together; but the activity fee is priced per property, not per person or per family.

Q: Are there bugs?

A: Yes. Outside of the concrete jungles of cities and suburbs, guests should expect to encounter wild life (rodents, including rabbits, mice, possums, racoons), bobcats, deer, coyotes, snakes and lizards, owls, bats, eagles, vultures and more. Insect encounters can include ants, spiders, worms, snails, knats, and bees to name a few. We have a pest management service that addresses ants and spiders, but bug free perfection found in a high rise cannot be achieved on a rural farm setting.

Q: What livestock can we interact with?

A: We enjoy our free ranged peacocks and hope you will, too! George and his son freely roam the farm and will eat out of your hand if you are patient and quiet. No peacock will allow hugs or grabs. Our friendly goats enjoy pets, treats and all the interaction you’re willing to offer. They enjoy treats of crackers, cheerios, saltines, and granola type bars. Alpacas Silverado and Dusty are bros and will eat out of your hand if hungry. Unlike goats or chickens, they do not have an insatiable hunger for treats and won’t bother if they’ve just been fed. We provide a favorite treat for them on offer. Our chicken flocks are always up for your left overs and pets. Gather their eggs, bring them food from your kitchen or offer from our treat can. Chickens are great pets and enjoy interacting with gentle souls baring treats of all sorts.

Q: a) How does cancellation and refunds work? We haven’t decided where to vacation yet but would like to book a few different places and decide closer to check in which property to keep, so we’d like the option of canceling last minute.

b) With as many family members coming with us it’s hard to know for sure if we’ll have to cancel; so we need a full refund option.

c) Life can hand you a curve ball. We’re not comfortable booking unless we can get a full refund for any reason.

A: The cheapest way to get a refundable reservation is to direct book here and buy CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) Travel Insurance from a third party. Review your policy’s % of refund before you buy, as not all CFAR policies are the same, and they change at will. During the check out process, we allow third party travel insurance offers to “pop up” as a courtesy to our guests, but do not sell, advise, recommend or are licensed to discuss insurance products or their features from a specific company. Not all reservations are provided pop up offers. (Usually because check in date is too close) We have no control over which travel insurance provider is given our “pop-up” space, how many providers guests will have to choose from, or from what company. If you opt for travel insurance, no matter where you purchase it from, you should thoroughly read through your policy to confirm that you are insuring for the risk you wish to be insured for. Regular travel insurance traditionally covers illness or death ONLY. If you opt for regular travel insurance, you will not be refunded for changing your mind about a booking here. That’s not the purpose of traditional Travel Insurance. CFAR is more expensive and does not require proof of the reason for your cancellation. Insurance claims are a nuisance and are not instantaneous, so be aware that it may take several weeks or more AFTER you have submitted a completed claim to receive a payout. We have a standard 30 day cancellation policy. Our cancellation policy offers a refund minus (3% +$100 cancellation fee) if you cancel in writing and receive an acknowledgement from us THIRTY DAYS or more before arrival. If you are CLOSER than 30 days to your booking date, you will receive no refund when you cancel and will have to rely on your (optionally purchased) travel insurance for a refund.

Q: In the unlikely event a member of our party gets bit by a rattlesnake, can you administer the antivenom?

A: NO. Antivenom is precious, extraordinarily costly, has very special storage requirements, and needs to be administered by an actual licensed physician in an ER, not in our barn by one of us farmers.

Q: Can we eat one of your chickens?

A: No. Heck no.

Q: Can we eat one of your goats?

A Also, no.

Q: I’ve read on Yelp that the the road to Morning Song isn’t paved. Can you tell us what to expect?

A: Morning Song Farm is located on Rainbow Glen Road; which is off of Highway 395. There is NO unpaved roads needed to arrive at our gate, after which our own private road is also paved. GPS is inaccurate, and will take you on an off road scenic adventure if you rely on it. Getting stuck in the mud is unfortunate in our location because AAA (Auto Club) will not help drivers who have gone off road. We’ve got some grove roads we’ve gotten stuck in, and found it costly to get a 3rd party tow truck out here. It’s best to follow our directions so you don’t start your vacation with a costly tow. We provide excellent, easy to follow directions in our Welcome Note with every booking along with the warning not to rely on GPS. Parking is paved for Romantic Farmstay (max two cars), Bunny Hill (max 6 cars), and Whimsical (max one car). Parking is not paved for Safari Cabin (max 4 cars), Mountain House (max one car) and Two Bedroom Bungalow. (max 4 cars).

Q: Which unit is best if we need to avoid stairs?

A: Romantic Farmstay provides paved parking right at the front door with no stairs. There is one step to get up to the adjacent view deck. Bunny Hill has a cobbblestone entry along the length of the house, and one step up to the front door. Mountain House, Whimsical, Safari and Two Bedroom all have multiple steps.

Q: Can you tell us about your hottubs?

A: All properties have exclusive use hottubs. We empty, clean, refill and reheat after each guest. Unlike a community hottub at a hotel, we heat our hottubs to 102, which we’ve been informed is dangerous for for children.

Guest Access:

All properties have their own designated parking spots. We encourage our guests to walk the roads of our farm and enjoy all that the quiet and greenery that our family farm has to offer. Guard alpacas Silverado and Dusty eagerly greet our guests as they drive in, and they hope you’ll stop to offer them their favorite treats. (Provided.)

Guest Interaction:

There’s always someone on the farm, it’s easy to contact one of us if you have a need or inquiry. We’re eager to make your stay memorable! Consider booking an on-farm private Activity such as Cheese Making, Jam Making, Beginning Mosaic, Acrylic Art Pour, or our very popular Ice Cream Activity.

The Community:

Little known, even to San Diegans, Rainbow, California is adjacent to Fallbrook and is right off the I-15 freeway, yet our farm seems like it’s miles away from the city. Only a few minutes off the I-15, we’re freeway close. 40 minutes or so to Oceanside’s beautiful beaches and Carlsbad’s flower fields and Legoland, and an exit south of Temecula’s wine country tours,  right in between San Diego and Los Angeles renowned attractions. Twenty-five minutes or so from Cal State San Marcos University, thirty-five minutes or so from San Diego Wild Animal Park in Escondido and a little over an hour to Seaworld and world famous Balboa Park. The local farmers’ market is on Saturday and is 15 minutes away in Old Town Temecula…a destination in itself. We’re one exit south of Temecula. Be sure to check out Temecula Olive Oil Company’s  tasting bar if you find yourself in Old Town. Temecula has a number of vineyards eager to showcase their wines, wine country is one exit north of us (10-15 minutes) and if you book early enough, hot air ballooning is a local wine country favorite. We send a comprehensive Food Shopping Map as well as our signature Activity Guides with your reservation confirmation. There’s so much to do!

Getting Here:

No public transportation, although there is an active Uber/Lyft community here. We’re in Northern San Diego County, off the I-15. We’re not far from the freeway, but a world apart. Adjacent to the beautiful community of Fallbrook, and just south of all that Temecula has to offer.

Neighborhood Overview:

Right in the center of Wine Country, the closest winery is walking distance, (Roadrunner Winery) while traveling either one exit south or one exit north gives you access to numerous winery and brewery options! The trail head to Southern California’s only year-round flowing river (Santa Margarita) is a short drive away in Fallbrook, and offers a mostly flat hike along its banks for guests of all ages. From February through end of summer, Kenny’s U-pick Strawberry farm is a local favorite, and is just down the road. And most days, balloon rides are available in nearby Temecula. People from all over Southern California make a day of visiting our family-friendly Rainbow Oaks Restaurant, and for a romantic evening out, a short distance further is Cork Fire Restaurant on the grounds of the Temecula Creek Inn.

Other Things to Note:

Smoking (anything) is allowed outdoors in designated areas only. Self check in: 3:00, check out: 11:00 a.m. Everyone has different needs, we’re a small farm and can often work around your needs. For the safety of our free ranged livestock, no guest animals, ever.

What Is Stocked for our Arrival?

(We do not replenish except for stays over 3 days.)

So that guests don’t have to rush out on arrival, we stock starter items that may be enough to meet the needs of a typical one or two night stay:

Paper: paper towels, toilet paper, coffee filters

Miscellaneous: Salt, pepper, coffee, tea, cream for coffee, sugar.

Linens: All beds in the unit you’re staying in will be made up and ready for your arrival with sheets, a down comforter, a duvet and two pillows. Sofabeds are also made up and ready if there are 3 or more guests in our Whimsical , Mountain House or Safari, or 5 or more guests in our Bungalow and 7 or more guests in Bunny. We supply enough towels to meet the needs of most guests but do not replenish during short stays of less than 3 days. Our housekeeping staff do not enter units mid-stays except for an emergency. If you’re traveling with a member of your party that needs fresh linens or towels each day, you’ll need to bring those along.

Equipment: All farmstays have full kitchens and are equipped with pots, pans, silverware, coffee maker, microwave, toaster, and many other small appliances.