Price per privately taught activity is $168 and covers all guests in your reservation staying in a single booked property. This discounted price is available to our overnight farmstay guests only. Groups, family members or friends staying in other properties cannot be combined for our per property/family price of $168.


Morning Song Farm’s Private Cheese Making 

A fun farm activity, our farmstay guests take home a skill that they’ll enjoy again and again. Learn how to easily make several fresh cheeses that are amazingly easy to make and don’t take a great deal of time or require costly supplies. Please make reservations for this activity when you book, so that we can pencil this 2-3 hour class in for you. 

Old Style Home Made, Hand-Churned Ice Cream Activity

Learn why manually hand-churned ice cream tastes so smooth and creamy without additives, and provides a much more store-bought finish than electric machines. Our hand crank ice cream machine was crafted by the Pennsylvania Amish and is a work of art. We provide everything your group needs but the hand cranking muscle!  Fun for all ages, group members take turns churning until ice cream is ready, or let our crew member do all the work for you! toppings, cones, ice cream containers included. This is fun for all ages!

Jam Making

Great class to introduce you to the joys of making your own jam. The class is in two parts: making jam, and canning jam. Learning both are required if you want jam that doesn’t require refrigerator. We can into small jars suitable for gift giving, and provide embellishments and ribbons. Go home with several gifts already packaged and wrapped! We focus on teaching a lower sugar, intensely flavored jam using our own pectin made in class from citrus grown here on the farm, and Pomona’s all natural citrus-based pectin. Less sugar means more fruit, and more flavor! 


Morning Song Farm’s Talavera Mosaic Class

One stepping stone per class. This permanent, puzzle making activity is great for the whole family.

Great class for older kids and creative adults. Regulars here may notice our beautiful Talavera mosaic work in most units. Learn the basics and go home with an Etsy-worthy stepping stone. Use your new found skills to update your kitchen backsplash or tabletop!

Goat Interaction Activity, always free.

Walk up to the corral in daylight hours. Carl is always happy to poke his head out and demand treats for pets. The rest of the herd will be right behind! Enjoy Morning Song Farm’s amazing herd of friendly, miniature goats. Meet Carl the Criminal, Boo the Princess, Gabby the nonstop yapper, Black Magic the escape artist, and the rest of the pampered herd.

Become Chicken Farmers! Free.

For those staying in our family-sized, Two Bedroom bungalow with Hottub, gather eggs from your own chickens each mornings, feed and interact to your hearts’ content, enjoy the freshest eggs ever. The property’s garden includes a small barn, and miniature, Japanese Bantam chickens. They enjoy the same food you do…and will always appreciate your meal scraps and treats! We also have the main flock ready for your treats…directly across from the alpaca enclosure. Just walk right in, check for eggs!

Meet our Alpacas! Free.

What can we say? These guys are always happy to oblige a visitor’s offer of tasty Alpaca treats, which we provide. Guard animals, they work hard at protecting our large flock of egg-producing chickens, and you’ll usually see them with their flock at their feet. Dusty and Silverado will come right up to their corral fence line whenever visitors pass by, in the hopes they’d like to stop for a moment and offer a treat. They’ll eat right of of your hand! And don’t forget the chickens, we keep a can of chicken treats available for guests’ use, too!

Feed our Peacocks! Free.

George and his boys are tame for peacocks and roam our farm freely.  They enjoy berries, seeds, crumbled crackers and bits of cheese and will eat out of hand if offered calmly and patiently. 


Horse Interaction !

Over the Rainbow Horse Stables is immediately across from our front gates.  Check out their website here: