February 19, 2008 - Morning Song Farm

Sungold Mandarins, Blood Oranges

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We’re moving out of the Satsuma mandarins and into the Sungolds. They’re a little harder to peel, but I love their firm flesh and sweetness. You can tell the difference between the mandarins in your basket and the blood oranges: the mandarins are a little flatter. The oranges are very round. The Moro Blood oranges have a slight red tint on the exterior rind, and of course are quite red and juicy inside. Throw the mandarin in your lunch bag for school or office; save the messy blood orange for your kitchen. Remember the blood orange juice stains.

Just Picked Cauliflower:not what you'd expect

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I’ve never considered cauliflower a mainstream vegetable, and the rubbery tasting thing I’ve bought a couple of times at the grocery store over the years had confirmed my suspicions. So I hope those of you who have never tasted cauliflower that was just harvested that morning will at least give it a try before tossing it into the trade-in-basket. Hey! This is good stuff! I just discovered an unusual combination that I’ve been enjoying. Try crumbling your cauli with a little bit of pure crumbled blue cheese. Actually the cheese and the vegetable look really attractive together as a topping on your salad. The combo is startling good. Of course you can steam it like you might brocolli, but just picked cauliflower is delicious, raw!

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