Another Thanksgiving Week Reminder

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I know I posted this last week, but I want to just circle back and say it again: to avoid the Wednesday holiday traffic next week, we are doing a marathan harvest on Tuesday and splitting the OC/San Diego deliveries into two trucks, but both on Tuesday. That doesn’t make any difference at all to San Diego subscribers who receive their shares on Tuesdays anyway, but Wednesday subscribers will be picking up a day earlier!

On a related topic: Morning Song Farm will actually be shutting down from Tuesday evening until Saturday for the Thanksgiving holiday. I haven’t actually taken a day off in years, not even when I’ve gone out of town with my daughter. I bring a laptop and an I-phone and continue my office and customer service work unabated. This holiday will be different as my partner, Lance, has suggested that all computer connections and phones will be checked at the door as we exit for 4 days out of town. Actually, I think the word, “suggestion” is a little light footed. Maybe “decree,” would be closer to the truth. Well, be that as it may, I look forward to this little 1965 Thanksgiving, despite my teenagers’ threats to report us to CPS for electronic starvation.

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