Baby Goats At Last!

Well, I knew Gracie would be delivering her babies any minute last night, but at some point I had to give up and go to bed. My alarm rang this morning at 4:45 and I jumped up to check on her. As I poured myself a quick cup of coffee, the farmhouse’s kitchen window overlooks the llama corral, and I could see the llamas were upset about something because they were both “pointing” to the barn. Llamas will usually point if there’s a coyote or dog in the vicinity. They assume a sturdy stance and “stare down” the intruder as their first line of defense. I ran out the front door to count my goats and calm my llamas. One goat, two….missing number three. I found Gracie in the llama barn at the tail end of labor with three little fluffballs prancing at her feet. The photos here are of Gracie’s babies right after birth. I was expecting them to be kind of unattractive, like a new born puppy or kitten, but the Nigerian newborn is beautiful and cute, fluffy, wide eyed and playful. The lllamas aren’t endeared however; they’re actually afraid of the baby goats for some reason. Couscou hasn’t come into the barn to eat all day. He’s spent the day trolling the farm, eating weeds and nibbling trees. He tolerates the goats, treating them like baby llamas; but the shoebox sized beasts in his barn today are another thing entirely. There’s no such thing as a llama that small, and he’s decided they can’t be trusted.

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