Blackberries are coming!

Great news for berry lovers! Just when the meager mulberry crop is coming to an end, blackberries are beginning to arrive to bolster our spirits and remind us that summer has arrived! You’ll see them first, starting next week when there’s enough to pick for every basket. A week early, I might add!

Tomatoes may be in as soon as next week, as well!

Pick-It Ticket for June 3-4, 2008
Item Large Basket Small Basket

New Crop


Oranges! 12 half

Juice Limes 8 half

Avos: Hass 4 half

Mulberries 1 clamshell 0

Mint 1 bunch same

Rosemary 1 bunch same

Swiss Chard 2 bunches half

Strawberries 2 baskets half

Radishes 1 bunch same

Carrots 1.5 pounds 1 pound

Lettuce head:

Romaine 2 heads half

Zuchini 3-4 half

Cukes 2 half

Baby Lettuce 1 bag half

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