Cara Caras!

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I just knew there was something missing off the Harvest Ticket yesterday, yup it’s the Cara Cara oranges. This is really the first harvest worth mentioning of our Caras. Originally found as a natural mutation in an orange grove in Valencia, Venezula in 1976, Cara Caras didn’t find themselves in US kitchens until the late 1980’s. Even then, there has always been somewhat of a mysteque about the Cara because their flavor is so unusual. Some have said the juice, although certainly “orange like,” also evokes cherry, rose petal, strawberry or blackberry hints as well. The flesh is certainly much redder than a navel, from whence this sport sprung. We have so few trees to harvest of this special variety, that we are sending them out straight from the tree, unsorted. Large, small, costmetically challenged….whatever; we want everyone to get a chance of tasting a few before the short windowed harvest is over!

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