Chicken Eggs Are Here

Our chickens are a treasured part of
Morning Song Farm and are living the Good Life. They spend their days clucking
and scratching freely on the farm, and are fed leafy green scraps and fresh
fruit. We supplement with locally purchased scratch that is not certified
organic, but have just sourced a Certified Organic (by Oregon tilth) soy-free
feed. They’re joined by our two llamas, Couscou and Dream A Little who together
have completely halted the coyote attacks on our pet chickens. Apparently,
llamas and canines don’t get along, and the coyotes give our llamas a wide and respectful
berth. Although everything else on the farm is CCOF Certified Organic, the kids’
chicken eggs aren’t. (Once a chicken is fed a non organic feed, they must be
taken out of the facility if you want your eggs to be certified organic.) But if
you are looking for a humanely raised egg source, from chickens fed with a
soy-free organic feed; you can’t do much better than our eggs. Commercial
production facilities, even organic ones, kill older hens after only a season or
two, to maintain feed to egg production ratios. Our chickens are allowed to live
their natural life spans, which adds to our feed costs. Also, many organic facilities have really stretched the term “free range” to mean “well, not in a 12″ box.” Our chickens scratch and peck under their macadamia trees and have ample space to roost in the rafters of their barn or tree branches. We don’t ever have to de-beak our chickens; they are not under stress and don’t peck at each other to the point of injury, ever.
At $8 a dozen, the price reflects the expense of raising chickens humanely and with feed that has no GMO or soy product. We only offer our eggs to our CSA members, along with our CSA box deliveries.

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