Couple of different things in baskets this week

Plenty of the ususual stuff, but I want to mention a couple new things this week. There’s a strange looking lemon that has a little cap on the top. That’s the Pakastani Sweet Lemon. I use its zest; the juice isn’t really sweet, and it’s juice isn’t really sour. It’s the skin that’s to die for. Use a potato peeler and shave off every bit of the outer layer of skin. Chop and use in a number of different recipes. I like to add to my sugar cookies, imparting a scented geranium note that is very unusual. I also add to a basic olive oil and lime juice salad dressing. Or make a limeaide with the juice limes in this week’s basket, and then add the juice and very finely shopped zest of the Sweet Lemon.

There’s a bunch of young garlic greens that looks something like the green onions (also in this week’s basket). Use it chopped in stir fries, raw salads, soups, etc. to impart a gentle garlic flavor and aroma.

There’s a large head of Kale in each basket; use as you would Swiss Chard. And there’s a small bunch of Arugula. The last of the Moro Blood Oranges and Mandarins.

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