Don't Hate Me 'Cuz I'm Hairy ;)

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Notice the tiny root hairs and how
 the roots are growing together

Tuesday’s boxes have radish sprouts. Like all brassicas, radishes have tiny, web-like hairs that to the uninitiated can certainly look like something funky…. say, mold. Here’s an image provided by a fellow subscriber last week (last week, Wednesday boxes received radish sprouts, this week they’ll receive our French Garden mix sprouts (which is a sprightly blend of clover, arugula, cress, radish, fenugreek and dill.) It’s quite a moving target to get a radish sprout that is both green but not over grown. Harvest too soon, and the sprout isn’t green; and harvest too late and the sprout is hotter than most peoples’ tastes. Facility temperatures can affect the growth rate so that as the weather changes, we are constantly adjusting the start day/hour to get a perfect finish. Even brassica (kale, radish, etc.) sprouts that are harvested a full day too soon will have tiny hairs and connecting webs of roots. It’s most noticeable with radish seed because radish is the largest brassica seed we sprout, so their hairy roots are just more noticeable to the naked eye. Because radish sprouts are definitely spicy, I enjoy using them on sandwiches in lieu of boring….boring….boring alfalfa sprouts. Of course sprinkling your raw salad with a dash of crunchy, spicy, radishes is a tasty choice, too! My kids also enjoy rolling radish sprouts in rice paper and serving as an appetizer with a offsetting mild-flavored dip.

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