Farm Tour and Work Party

Date: June 30th, this coming Saturday
Time: 9-12
Address: 2120 Rainbow Glen Road, Rainbow, CA

Bring: closed toe shoes, sunscreen, hat, water, and if you’d like to get your hands dirty: gloves and work boots.

Leave at home: Your pets! We have a fragile balance, an armed truce really, between our dwarf goats, llamas, chickens, farm cats Rudie and Samie; and Tyson the farm dog. Let’s not disrupt the apple cart by bringing along Fido. We LOVE your dog, I swear we do, and would thoroughly enjoy meeting him, but there’s a whole boatload of other species out here that are suspicious of  their own extended animal kingdom family members, much less yours. So let’s make it easy on all of us, and nix the play dates between our animal kingdom and yours.

Sara is excited to show you a little about her edible flower plantings, and what she picks and how. Not all flowers are edible, not by a mile, learn which flowers Sara loves and how easy they are to grow!

Meet  Couscou and Dreamie, our chicken facility llama body guards. Now that we have them in the compound, we haven’t had a single chicken attacked. Great job guys! We provide the treats!

 Get a chance to pet our baby goats and offer your treats from home. Goats will eat just about anything, but please no junk food! They’re worse than farmer Donna’s teenaged son; they’ll eat MacDonalds until they burst if you offer it. But please stick to crunchy granola bars, crackers, chips, toasted bread, and air popped popcorn. (We’ll provide some, too!) Gracie likes bananas but none of the others do. Carl eats clothes and critical paperwork, but prefers food. For those that arrive at 9:00 sharp, you’ll get to see us milk. We don’t sell our raw goat’s milk, but we do enjoy it here on the farm, and love making cheese, butter, and more from our Nigerian dairy goat’s milk.

We were surprised when so many of our CSA members ordered our cage free, free-ranged, llama protected, heirloom,  soybean-free-organically-fed, humanely raised, rainbow chicken eggs. We’ve ordered more baby chicks, and can’t wait to introduce you to our newest chirping additions.

For the few of you that would like to get your hands dirty, we can always use the help!

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