Farmer not an IT Professional

By September 18, 2013 Uncategorized One Comment

Well, after much knashing of teeth and tearing of hair out, I think I have managed to figure out how to get PDF files to download over to this blog, with the intent of making our Harvest Tickets easier to read and access from different platforms. Mind blowingly complicated considering the download mechanism (Google’s “Drive”) AND the blog software are both owned by Google. Really, there can’t just be a “download PDF” button? It has to require studying 11 pages of instructions downloaded off the internet, viewing a U-Tube video from an Indian IT guru dozens of times to figure out and HTML code management (here….I’m not kidding…this is from page five: “after copying the code go to a new post…select HTML Tab, and paste the code where you would like to see the document to appear. Now within the code that you pasted few moments a go (sic) search for /preview and replace it with /edit?usp=sharing….)  Really?

Feedback of the results would be welcomed. Can you access the files as I think you should be able to?

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