Fennel Leaf

There aren’t a lot of recipes floating around for fennel leaf. The flavor in the leaf isn’t as strong as in the seed (anise seed). But I love the leaf and am sharing a few uses below:

Fennel Leaf Tea:

2 tsp. fresh leaves

1 cup boiling water

1 tsp. honey

1 tsp. lime juice

Fennel Leaf Fruit Salad

Okay, this isn’t really a recipe, but more a suggestion: throw together whatever fruit you have available, then toss in some finely chopped fennel leaf and lime juice. The fennel is so sweet, it’s almost a sweetener. Not as sweet as stevia, but it has that candy/licorce taste that I love.

Barbequed Fennel Leaf

Again, not a recipe, but a cool use of the fennel leaf: place on barbeque coals when grilling either meat or veggies. The candy/licorce scent permeates the grilled food.

Other Ideas

Dice fennel leaf and toss in your salad, chop and use on top of baked fish or chicken. Place in Cuisinart with the sugar from a bread or cookie recipe, “puree”, then sift out the fennel leaf and use the flavor-infused sugar in your recipe.

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