Goat News

Carl the Terror stands sentry on a rock overlooking the farm. I’m happy to report that the goats are now moving on from what once was my landscaping to address the weeds adjacent to their living quarters. They are free ranged, but don’t venture more than an acre or so from their barn and our farmhouse. Carl travels the furthest and enjoys perching himself on his rock to survey the farm below.  Lance’s little bottle fed goat, Boo Boo has discovered Golf Cart Surfing, and now likes to jump in the cart as we take off to balance in the back. She has also learned to ride shotgun with Lance in his truck and flops herself down in the road when she hears him coming up the drive so he’s forced to get out of his truck and pick her up. Chef Adrianna has perfected her soft goat cheese recipe, and we’re all taking turns milking, which makes running the hobby dairy portion of the farm a whole lot easier.

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