Happy 1st Birthday, Princiess Boo!

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We weren’t sure how Boo’s first birthday party would pan out… as, well…you never quite know with a spoiled-beyond belief miniature goat with a mind of her own. Lance made quite the deal out of it, certainly more than he’s made out of any one else‘s birthday around here for a while. Ha ha! There never was a prouder goat owner, that’s for sure. He even went to a bakery and picked up a healthy blueberry muffin for her birthday cake. No unhealthy frosting here! Boo didn’t want anything to do with her “goat cake,” unfortunately, and her other guests stomped right over it to get to that tasty looking book.

Boo waits impatiently for her guests to arrive at her first birthday party.

Boo chooses “content over calories” and eats a book instead of her birthday cake.

Daddy Carl supervises the party

Most of his daughter’s guests ate their hats; but Carl…ever the good Dad, wears his proudly.

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