Harvest Shot July 29-30 2014

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harvest shot last week in JulyThe summer has been kind to us, as the genuine heat wave typical of inland San Diego has not arrived, and we’re almost in August! Where did the summer go?

We’re excited to share a new item we’ve been experimenting with, our Sunflower Shoots. We included them in all but two (:/) Large Garden N Grove boxes. (We made up for that unusual slight by substituting other items; something we rarely have to do.) We’re still working on getting the timing and yields down. The other clamshelled item is our Purslane, which is among my favorite warm weather veggies. It has a lemony flavor with a very low-cal, satisfying crunch. I add it to salads, sandwiches and offer it up all by itself with a dip. It’s a great green to add to a rice paper roll up. I enjoy the stems as well as the leaves. We actually harvested two bunches of Swiss chard for Large Boxes, and one bunch for Small boxes, but ended up with only one bunch in each box because we couldn’t get the Large Box lids closed with two bunches.

Lots of folks are on summer break from our CSA, including those that were ordering eggs. We have no wait list for eggs! If you would like to order eggs, please let us know. Here’s the Change Order Link:

I know I’ve said this…ahem…a few times; but all changes to your CSA box must go through our link. Facebook, Linked In, Post It Notes, Snail Mail, texts, voice messages, comments left with our delivery driver, comments left with your host, notes left on the roster… all have their place; but we have one crew member managing our rosters, and one place for any change affecting our weekly deliveries, and that’s our Link. I made it myself and I’m proud of it. Please help us out and use it when you have a change or quarter-end cancellation. Quarters end in June, September, December and March.


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