Harvest Shot March 3-4, 2014

Well, I’m disappointed that we lost our entire sprout production this week when the power went out during the storm. The chickens got the makings of around 200 servings of sprouts, and there was pretty much flock-wide excitement over that. The chickens are fed Modesto Mills Certified Organic Soy-Free feed and our own freshly grown, high protein barley that we are weekly increasing the production of. They just love the barley! They also get quite a bit of leafy greens from our fields. Our livestock is NOT certified organic, while the food we grow, is…by CCOF. Even at $8 a dozen, our eggs are a loss leader for us; which is why we don’t accept egg orders from non subscribers…we consider it a value-added service to our much appreciated, committed, subscriber base and not a commodity for sale to the public at large. There really is nothing quite like a fresh egg from our farm…they are truly tasty! And I think…knowing that our chickens are cared for and provided a great life, besides great food; counts for something. I can’t even imagine what living conditions the producers of $2.00 a dozen eggs must be living in… to allow that kind of low retail price and several middle-men  profits besides. Doing it right isn’t cheap, but you can taste the difference.

We still have a few weeks of macadamia nuts to distribute, but are waiting on getting our nut cracker blades sharpened.

Below is this week’s harvest shot:

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