Harvest Ticket April 10-11 Page One

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Most of our mulberry trees are too young to produce much, so there’s not a lot of fruit to go around this year. But all larges this week received a small taste of a mix of our three varieties. Two are Pakistani and one is Himylayan, which looks more like a blackberry. You’ll note that the Pakistani fruit is sometimes less dark, indeed there’s an occassional ripe piece of fruit that is closer to white. The coloration of the fruit is much less uniform than, say, blackberries. There IS a mulberry that is ALL white, but it didn’t pass the taste test here; just too sweet and poorly nuanced. My favorite is the Pakistani, either one of the two kinds we grow has its fine points. The smaller, finer version has a sharper taste and aroma, and the fuller version is juicier and sweeter. I love them both. We have added a whole grove of mulberries, and expect to be in real production, this time next year. Can’t wait!

We had a sprout room failure between Tuesday and Wednesday morning. The thermastat stuck and heated the sprout room up to high and the entire room of sprouts failed overnight. So, Tuesday boxes received our amazing sprouts, Wednesday’s didn’t. Sorry!

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