Harvest Ticket: August 19-20, 2014

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We’ve included Purslane in this week’s boxes, note the tHarvest Shot August 3rd Weekasty, tiny black seeds are NOT bugs. Two kinds of peppers, the long, bigger peppers are sweet, and the jalapanos are, of course, hot. If you’re new to the Reed Avocado, it ripens a little bit differently than your typical grocery store Hass avocado. It’s still taking around a week after harvest to be ready to eat, but because as the fruit ripens the flesh contracts slightly, you might squeeze the fruit and think it’s gone bad. That “squish” isn’t fruit, it’s airspace. I love the Reeds, I think they have the nuttiest, smoothest flavor of all the different varieties we grow. They’re not favored by grocery store chains because of their size and weird ripening characteristic.






jalapenos 3 up 8.20.14


pepper sweet 8.20.14

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