Harvest Ticket May 1-2, 2012 Page One

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Enjoy the grapefruit, juice and freeze! We won’t have any in next week’s shares. The only unusual leafy green this week is Mizuna; an Asian green that can be both eaten raw in salads (not quite as spicy as arugula) or it can be lightly sauteed or steamed.

No mulberries this week; looks like they’ll be plenty again next week to give at least the large shares, and maybe all shares a taste of these amazing berries. We only have a few trees in full production this year, but next year we’ll have 100 trees or so to harvest from.

Kumquats in this week’s shares have plenty of uses! The “reduced” juice of the skin and fruit makes the most amazing reduction you may ever taste. The full flavor of the kumquat isn’t realized until it’s been cooked down, so click “Kumquat” at the right of this blog and kumquat recipes, including our Kumquat Reduction recipe will pop up. Use your reduction for a Kumquat Margarita, as the sweetener for a limeaide, as a syrup over crepes or pancakes; and with reduced sugar…over fish or chicken.

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