Harvest Ticket May 15-16 Page One

Another nice flush of mulberries to harvest this week off of the few trees that are producing. You’ll only get a “taste” of these amazing and rare berries; we’ve added our neighbor’s organic blueberries to the clamshells as a combination. We can’t wait until next year, when 100 or so young mulberry trees should be more productive. For now, we only have enough for “taste tests!”

It looks like our sapote trees may have a decent harvest this coming year, and our loquats may be ready to pick next week. Blackberries are just starting to come in! I’m guessing we’ll have enough to send out in boxes in a couple weeks.

Sara has combined a little of this and a little of that into a bunch of tender herbs, and suggests trying your hand at herb butter, see the recipe she suggests above.

My current addiction, herbed kale chips are in our recipes this week. I know dehydrated kale sounds a little iffy, but you just have to try these chips! I can eat a whole head of kale a day, better than popcorn, packed with nutritional value, and something different. Making a puree with herbs and olive oil which is then kneaded into the kale leaf to break down its fiber is a new variation!

We’re just starting to harvest zuchs; you may enjoy the zuchini bread recipe this week as much as we do! The whole crew starts each morning with coffee, tea and something to nibble on; zuchini bread with our farm’s goat butter is the perfect offering to start the day!

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