Harvest Ticket Nov. 22-23 Page Two

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Collard greens aren’t as common as spinach, and I have no idea why! I have to admit their name isn’t as delicious sounding as Swiss chard. Maybe we should rename them? Ambrosia leaf? Just kidding. Collards are great just steamed as you would Swiss chard or spinach. Just make certain you don’t overcook this amazing green, because like all cruciferous veggies, overcooked collards give off an unpleasant sulfer smell when overcooked. You won’t want to overcook them anyway, because doing so reduces the vitamin content of this just picked, leafy green. Steamed collard greens have a more powerful cholesterol lowering ability than any of the other cruciferous veggies; including mustard greens, broccoli, brussels sprouts and cabbage. The cancer preventive qualities of collards can be attributed to 4 glucosinolates found in the veggie’s leaves, which are converted into an isothiocyanate that is said to lower cancer risk by aiding in the human body’s detox and anti-imflammatory systems.

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