Harvest Ticket Nov. 8-9 Page One

We’re excited to begin our passionfruit harvest now that it’s getting a little cool in the evenings. We harvest when they’re dead ripe; they’ll sweeten a little on your counter, and can be refrigerated for weeks if you choose. When they are especially wrinkled and ugly, they are at their sweetest. Any other fruit that landed on my table that wrinkled and old looking, would get tossed in the compost pile post haste. But passionfruit is best after a few days of sitting on your counter; although I have to admit I love these gems as a much anticipated dessert, I rarely wait for wrinkles. That said, the easiest way to serve is simple to cut lengthwise, like you might a hard boiled egg. Sometimes I sprinkle a little sugar, sometimes I don’t. As a dessert, nothing but the naked fruit will serve admirably.

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