Harvest Ticket, Page One, September 27-28

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We got a little carried away with the baby lettuce Spring Mix, and don’t have large enough containers; so large shares are receiving three clamshell containers, and small will receive two. After finishing up our trial case; we’ll find a larger version for our large shares… I know some of you might fault me for using the plastic clam shell containers that we’re trialing this week. But in my defense; they keep our herbs and tender greens in such better condition for you, the subscriber (and me the farmer in my own frig.) I looked around for recyclable product and am trialing a local vendor’s offerings. Any feedback would be appreciated. We’ve tried putting say, sprouts in brown paper bags and then switched to small plastic bags; and neither were as nice as the clamshells we’re trying today. At the end of the day, if produce is getting thrown away because it’s not stored properly and goes bad; that’s not a good trade off for us, or our subscribers. We have mint coming along, and will add it to our spring mix as we enter the cooler season that our mint enjoys. Upcoming is our apple harvest..I think next week or the week after we’ll start. We’re also raking our madadamia groves and gearing up for the nut harvest. I don’t anticipate having cracked out nuts in our boxes, though until end of October or beginning of November.

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