Harvest Ticket September 3-4 2013

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Well, it’s absolutely sweltering out here and it’s been a rough day. What is it about the heat that makes everything mechanical or computer-related not work out here? I so would love to heave this computer into the ravine. Just sharing. If someone knows of a way to get a single PDF file onto blogger here without having to convert to GIF which breaks the file up into pieces (6 today), that would be awesome. It takes a long time, revisions are out of the question because of how long it takes to post, and positioning seems to be random. I just have to play with it forever to get the pages to end up sequential. Surely there is a remedy?

We got a remark about our peaches being mushy, and sure enough, they’re firm and great when we put them on the truck, but don’t hold up through the day’s deliveries in this heat…so we’re taking them off the ticket for tomorrow. Carl will be thrilled because peaches are among his favorite, no matter what their condition, and the other goats haven’t learned how to spit out the seed like he can, so he does enjoy showing his skills off.

Louie came back today with almost no returned boxes, so I need to ask everyone again…that our prices are based on the returned cartons for our reuse. Also, we are proud of keeping our landfill footprint to a minimum by recycling the boxes. So, if you are crazy busy and can’t remember to bring the box back, I get it, but please bring grocery bags to transfer your produce into, and leave the box behind altogether. I know there are a very few that ARE returning boxes, and we thank you…but the majority aren’t anymore. Please return our boxes!

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