Harvest Tickets, Feb. 11-12 2014

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Our beautiful, juice-bomb tangalolos are in boxes this week. They are usually harvested starting in March, but the weird weather has afforded us an early start. These beautiful globes are so juicy, they’re better off eaten naked in the shower. Or at least with a bib. 😉 Another week of our popular crunchy bean mix sprouts for all box sizes this week, as well. We’re working on sourcing a reputable, organic provider of sprouting pea seeds. The source we use had a giant pea seed crop failure, so we’re casting about. I’ve been meaning to blog about this: sprouts are easy to grow, but it’s important that you purchase your sprouting seeds from a source that sells “sprouting” seeds, not generic seeds. The level of hygiene practices needed to keep your sprout seeds safe for consumption is quite different for seeds intended for the soil vs. seeds intended for sprouting. You can’t wisely buzz over to a local health food store and scoop up seeds from the bins and use them for sprouting. Wow. Not safe. Our sprout seeds are intended for sprouts, grown in North America, lot tested for contamination and certified organic.

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