Harvest Tickets, January 7-8, 2014

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Things have gotten back to a dull roar here on the farm after the Christmas holidays. Carl and his cohorts are finishing up this year’s Christmas tree and wreath, so I wont have to drag it to the front of the property for the Chirstmas Tree Pick Up Crew, after all. The goats are treating the dried tree as if it’s a foreign delicacy, with Carl lording over which family member gets the best munching position…after him that is. He abandoned his tasty tree guarding duty long enough to escape from the corral to eat all of the newspaper I had carefully taped to the side of the house as a drip guard for the long awaited painting of the farm house. Sometimes he lets us think that we’ve solved the Goat Escaping Issue, just long enough for us to high five each other, do the We Beat Carl Dance, and get complacent. He ate the blue tape, and all the newspaper that I’d spent hours getting just right. We continue to work on electrifying the corral, but have encountered technical issues that our friend Bob is addressing.

We’re continuing to gather macadamia nuts, and they’re in both small and large boxes today. I tried a chocolate covered macadamia recipe: melt a semi sweet chocolate (I buy ours from Trader Joes) in a glass bowl. It doesn’t look melted if you use a microwave for this until you take it out and stir. Toss in nuts, put spoonfuls of coated nuts on wax paper and chill in refrigerator. Make the clusters small! This is a very rich

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