Heirloom Melon Sorbet

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Aren’t these melons fantastic? I love just leaving one on my counter for a while because it perfumes the kitchen.

Here’s a simple recipe for sorbet we use all the time:

Scoop out flesh of one melon, put in baggie or other container and freeze. Put frozen contents in a vitamix or other strong blender. (I’ve tried the cuisinart and it doesn’t work as well). Add the juice of a lemon or lime. Add a little sprinkle of natural Stevia (found at Trader Joes—get the real stuff, not the one that’s been cut with a lot of sugar, because what’s the point?) and then a dash of real sugar for consistency. Puree.

If you have a hard time getting the blades to move at first, add a little orange juice. This comes right out of the blender like a soft-serve ice cream. You can freeze it further if you want it harder. For a variation, I take the lime juice separately, blend a few sprigs of mint, then sieve out the mint leaves and use that juice in the sorbet.

— Farmer Donna

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