Herb Saving Idea

We love growing and cooking with herbs, and know that herbs are expensive in the grocery store, so we try to grow plenty for our subscribers. Herbs are natural flavor enhancers, and it’s been shown that strong flavors tend to satiate us faster…meaning that using herbs in the kitchen can be part of a healthy weight control plan. The more commercially common flavor enhancers: outright chemicals like MSG, sodium, and all sorts of fats are extensively used in factory produced foods because they’re the cheapest way to encourage you to overeat. Why sell you 6 ounces of something when cheap additives can encourage you to eat and buy, 14?  Herbs are expensive, but yours are in your box each week, so we’re eager to have you use them!

At left is a fun way to dry your excess herbs right in your kitchen. We bought the base wreath at Michael’s for a couple bucks with floral wire that they sell in a nearby aisle. Just wire your herb bunches right to the wreath and hang until dry. You can use your dried herb right off the wreath, or seal in air tight containers once dry and replace with new, fresh herb as they arrive in your kitchen.

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