Hey! Where's My Eggs?

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Good Question! We’re wondering, too. Certainly our  experience with raising chickens for eggs has underscored why the egg business is dominated by inhumane factory farm practices. Our feed and labor costs have continued unabated of course, but our chickens this week have responded to the shorter days and cooler nights by reducing their egg laying by more than half. This morning I just gathered two eggs. Not two dozen. Just two. Most of our CSA subscribers aren’t ordering eggs, but those are are have been getting emails and credits when all or part of their egg orders don’t materialize. It’s confusing for everyone. I’m spending more time in the office keeping tract of credits email missing egg inquiries, and egg invoices, than I am actually working with our chickens. It’s nuts. I had thought it would be easiest to add egg orders to CSA invoices, which are sent out at the end of each month for the next month’s shares. But now I’m stuck in the office doing this marathan credit memo, accounting reconciliation procedure each week after boxes go out because the chickens’ egg counts varies so. Soooo, we’re going to scale back to a handful of original egg buyers, based on a first come first served roster, and bill even those few only after they’ve been delivered; i.e. at the end of each month. I’m certain our egg counts will rise as our fledgling chickens come into production; hopefully offsetting the reduced eggs of the winter months. But let us not count our eggs before they’ve been laid! We’ll send out notices to all; and let you know where on the wait list you are.

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