Kumquat Reduction

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I don’t bother to actually measure ingredients, so I guess
this isn’t technically a recipe, but here’s the process. Dump all your kumquats
in a food processor or blender. I use a Vitamix which I can’t live without, but
for this, probably a cheap blender would work all the same. I add water to just cover the fruit. Hit puree. Then I dump the contents of the blender in a
strainer, and using the back of a soup spoon, I force the juice through the
strainer, and toss out the mash with the seeds. The juice that’s left I put in
a saucepan and heat with a little added sugar to taste. Don’t try this without
sugar, although I’m a huge advocate of stevia and reduced sugar recipes, this
concoction won’t thicken properly if you omit sugar. Stir over a medium heat
until it’s thickened. I stop “reducing” when it’s about the consistency of
maple syrup. That’s it.

I drizzle this absolutely gorgeous reduction over crepes. I
use it to sweeten lemonaide. I use it as the base for margaritas and for
daiquiris. Watch out! A kumquat reduction alcoholic beverage can really sneak
up on you! Last night I made a raspberry shortcake, topped with freshly made
whipped cream and pooled the reduction around each serving. This reduction is
so beautiful and unbelievably orange, it looks like it must be
artificially colored. Enjoy!

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