Leafy Green Storage

I should post this email from time to time, so that newcomers to our CSA won’t miss out. Leafy Green Storage is a huge issue. As organic farmers, we know we can’t rely on chemical preservatives or fungicides to keep your leafy greens fresh and tasty during the week. So proper storage is critical. A new subscriber said that she’d googled a recomendation to put leafy greens in a paper bag with a paper towel inside, and I have to say I think that is pretty much going to guarantee a poor outcome. Frankly, other than stomping on them first, I can’t think of a worse plan for storing fragile leafy greens.


That paper towel will suck the moisture out of the leafy green, wilting it quickly, and the paper bag is too porous, and will compound the problem.  I often use simple tupperware type containers, or zip locks, although the best method is to use the Green Storage bags that you see advertised here and there.


I get mine at the 99 cent store, but I think you can find them on the internet as well, and here’s a link to Bed Bath and Beyond’s offering:


You can also find them on Ebay:


Also, don’t jam your leafies into anything, give them some space to breathe. And don’t wash leaves before storage.


To answer  questions about organically grown shelf life (vs. conventional)….if a produce item stays “fresh” beyond its normal shelf life, it’s because it’s been sprayed with a chemical to make it so. There are fungicides that will keep fruit looking fresh, but the trade off isn’t worth it. Heck, that’s why our subscribers are choosing to purchase organic produce from us.



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