Those little apricot looking fruits in the baskets are loquats. Save the seeds of a particularly good tasting one, and try growing it in a little pot. They do make decent house plants for a few years. they’re as easy to start and grow as corn! Also, if you throw the seeds in your garden, many with sprout and grow without even being buried. They make an amazing fruit pie; follow a standard apricot recipe. Last night I made a tropical stir fried chicken with loquats. Here’s the receipe:

I used Trader Joe’s frozen breast meat. I boiled several pieces in a shallow pan until just cooked through. Drain the water (or save for soup later) and cut into strips. Pour a kumquat reduction (recipe again below) over chicken, seed all loquats and leaving skins on, cut in pieces and add to chicken. Slice a few whole kumquats and scatter the rings. Heat again and serve. Finish with a little wild fennel sprig.

Kumquat Reduction:

Throw all washed kumquats you have in the blender. Add water to top of kumquats. Blend on high. Dump mash into sieve and squish liquid with back of spoon into saucepan. Throw mash in compost pile. Heat liquid in saucepan with added sugar and a little cornstarch until thickened.

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