March 11-12 Harvest, What's happening

Here’s what’s in this week’s baskets, barring harvest mishaps: Juice limes, pomellos, hass avocados, arugula, peas, tangalolos, blood oranges, baby red-leafed and green leafed lettuce, bagged; also our older head lettuce, Swiss chard (rainbow), dill, radish, and beets. Remember beet tops can be used as a steamed green, just like Swiss chard. We maybe went a little overboard on the lettuce this week, would appreciate comments!

We’re going to dig our oldest potato planting of heirloom potatoes for next week’s basket, and we’re hoping to add radish sprouts from our sprouting system by next week, or week following.

All our new trees are finally in and many are happily flowering!

Farmer Donna continues to slog through the red tape of getting the recently dug well operational. SDGE won’t put in the power pole until the County of San Diego issues an electrical permit. It’s a 2 hour round trip to Kearny Mesa in San Diego to the County Planning Department for unincorporated areas of San Diego. After waiting in line for a ticket to wait in the real line, our assigned planner snorted at the plot plan presented and sent me on my way with a 12 point list of requirements and an admonishment I should learn how to use an engineer’s ruler. Ouch. The document I’d pulled off the internet said I’d need a “plot plan.” I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be “plotting”, and you sure can’t call and ask. You have a question? You have to drive down there and wait in line. Returning a week later, I again waited in line at the kiosh to wait in the real line. This time, unfortunately, the clerk was labeled: “trainee.” She sent me, (electronically) to the wrong line, and after waiting an hour I was called into a planner’s cubby to be told I’d need to start over. Started over at the kiosh, and you won’t believe this, trainee girl sent me to another wrong cubby, which was discovered after another long wait. I sat down, now on try three, with no apolgies, but a comment that I was surely in the right electronic que NOW and realized I was an idiot if I thought I was in the right line now and got up and insisted on speaking to someone in authority. I finally got called to the right planner, and he kept getting interrupted. He was happy with my new, improved, plot plan. Which surely did not include where the new apricots are planted. On the first plot plan I did, lacking any buildings or improvements on that parcel, I drew in the farm’s planting guide, thinking that was better than nothing. Wrong, there. Twenty minutes before I would have had the permit in my hand I was forced to leave and start over on another day because I had to leave to pick up my kids. This is farming? Now you know why architechs and engineeers get the big bucks. They are totally able to wade through City Planning bureacracies without losing their tempers, serenity or car keys, a rare genetic character trait.

As I sat waiting the first time around, a nice couple befriended me. Fire victims, the wife told me she had gone postal a month earlier here. I noticed they got right in to the correct planner and were cheerfully gone before I even knew I was in the first wrong line.

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