March 30-31 2011 What's Up

Below you’ll find this week’s harvest ticket, and information about upcoming Spring farm days. We’ve schedculed three in the hopes that everyone will at least get to squeeze ONE into their busy schedules. All subscribers, their family, kids and friends are invited, April 16, 30th, and May 14th from 9:00-12:00. Bring a picnic lunch and relax under the oaks! By the end of April, we should have baby goats. We’re hoping to schedule the annual llama shearing on one of the dates (we’ll keep you informed). And the baby chicks are so cute! Of course the mama goats are sweet and enjoy all the attention they can get. Especially attention that involves crunchy granola bars. 🙂

Harvest ticket for this week:

(Large share/Small share)

Hass Avos: 2/1

Navel Oranges: 10/Half

Ripe Limes: 9/Half

Leeks one bunch/None

Radish bunch: 1/Same

Bok Chi: One bunch/Same

Strawberries: One bag/Same

Beets: One bunch/same

Carrots: 2 bunches/half

Lettuce: 2 loose heads/half

Brocolli: 2 bunches/half

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