More Mulberry Trees Purchased

Many years ago we bought a mulberry tree whose fruit you’ve seen in baskets recently. Since then we have bought several other trees only to discover their fruit isn’t as fantastic. Last week Farmer Donna searched through invoice archives from 2002 and found the purveyor of the exact trees we are enjoying this season. In horticulture, a cultivar (culivated variety) is always the same. By that I mean an Anna apple from Home Depot and an Anna apple tree from Stark Brothers produces the same, identical fruit. I haven’t found that to be true with the mulberry.

I bought every last mulberry tree he had, with confidence, because the trees are in fruit this month and I was able to identify for certain I was getting the right trees. I’m told it may be 4 or more years before more planting size trees are available from them!

So next year, we can all expect more fruit, and every year after that a little more.

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