Parsnip/Carrot/Celery/green onion Rosemary Stir Fry

The thing about parsnips, is they can be used almost like potatoes. They are a tiny bit more fibrous than your typical potato, and certainly more flavorful. I couldn’t enjoy a potato without salt and butter, but the parsnip comes with its own flavor package and can be enjoyed without added salt or fat! Try parsnips and you’ll be hooked!

I used many of the items from our large CSA box this week in this quick concoction. Peel the parsnips, and cut into pieces. They take the longest to cook, so I put them in the stir fry pan first, with the smallest amount of olive oil to prevent sticking. I add crushed garlic, pepper and a dash of hot sauce. Then I dd everything else; the green onion, celery (oops, captured this photo before the celery was in the pan) baby carrots. I toss a sprig of rosemary in towards the end so the rosemary flavor is there, but not overpowering.

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