Peas, Please

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Results of my latest veggie trial are in! Pea sprouts are awesome! My thoughts: the are best eaten raw with a little dash of garlic infused olive oil and a splash of lime juice…but I tried them today, stir fried with coconut oil and sea salt and they were tasty that way, too. Great for picky kids (and adults) who aren’t huge veggie fans, as these crunchy gems are very mild flavored for the nutritional punch they provide.
Here’s a British website link, devoted to the nutritional value of pea shoots:

 Although not seen often in restaurants or farmers’ markets in the United States, pea shoots have a lot to offer!They provide foliate, antioxidants and carotene..reported to be cancer preventatives. They have 7 times as much vitamin C as blueberries, and a lot more vitamin A, compared to tomatoes. The anti-inflammatory properties of certain foods are now in the media more and more, and pea shoots are among those foods cited. Because pea shoots offer such a satisfying crunch coupled with high nutrient/low calorie content…they’re a good choice for an effective weight loss program.


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