Quick question about non-subscribers viewing boxes

Donna, I noticed that one of your suggestions when deciding about joining was to go by a drop off spot to look at the produce and to be able to determine the size box needed. I would love to be able to do this. I live in the Oceanside area. Would this be possible? Thank you, J Hi J, Ahem, well we used to allow this. It sure seems reasonable from the non-subscribers side of the fence post. But when I’d receive angry emails from an actual paying subscriber that they came upon a member of the public who had been given the exact drop off point and was found to be pawing through said subscriber’s box, (who knows if they’d even washed their hands) things got a little less black and white. We added box lids years ago to discourage a problem that developed of random swiping/switching between subscriber’s boxes, and added a “trade in” basket so that switching could be done legitimately. We don’t want our fabulous produce to go to waste, either! So the long answer is “no.” Totally uncool. Now, that said, I’d be happy to share my box with you here at the farm in Rainbow. We harvest and prepare boxes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you let me know ahead of time, I’ll be sure to be here to meet with you! We have two sizes, small (34.50 a week) and large (44.50 a week). If you go to www.morningsongfarm.blogspot.com, you’ll find our last two harvest tickets with what went into the large vs. small shares. You can also reduce your commitment to a “trial” of 4 weeks, if you’d like to…(there’s a $4 a week premium to do this.) And, if you join and want to switch sizes, anytime during your subscription, we are happy to accommodate that as well, either charging the difference if you want to size “up”, or crediting your account if you want to size “down.” –D

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