Sneak Peak of Tenative Harvest Ticket for Next Week

Ok, this is only a best guess, but I know a lot of our supporters would love to know what we think will be in boxes ahead of time, so here’s what Sara and I have on our harvest list for next week. Understand that we’re days away and “stuff” happens, so it’s not set in cement….
Loquats for large shares
Spicy stir fry mix bunches (bok choi, mustards, etc.)
Cheno (that leafy green I’ve raved about that kind of “pops” in the frying pan as its seed heads are heated
Basil Bunches (yeah!)
Mixed Herb Bouquets–chives, rosemary, oregano, thyme and fennel
Baby Lettuce Mix bags with Sara’s amazing Edible Fowers and small quantity of Snap Peas (maybe 1/4 pound each)
Green Onions
Head Lettuce
Swiss Chard (I think in both size boxes, but not sure)

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