Squeezing in last minute bare root additions

Because the first well driller didn’t drill when he said he was going to, I had to pass up this years’ annaul bare root purchases, usually made in December. They can be made much earlier, but the dead, dead line is mid December. After that, you can buy bare root in a local nursery, but not at wholesale or quantity pricing. With so much up in the air, I had to forgo my usual shopping trip through suppliers’ catalogs. But when Paul told us we’d hit water, I did make a couple desparate calls, and got to squeeze in a few additions. Most of what I’d like is unavailable, but got a few items. We’re adding 100 raspberry plants (300 row feet), 100 or so row feet of Rhubarb, and 200 heirloom Sweet Purple Asparagus plants. We’re adding a few blackberries, some apples (most were unavailable), plums, chocolate persimmon, a few pears and maybe some jujubees. There’s also an unusual pomegranate that is seedless, and I’ll trial that.

Subtropical additions that I don’t buy bareroot, like passionfruit, sapote, dragon fruit, blood oranges, Pakistani sweet lemon and Pakistani mulberry can wait until later in the season.

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