Tractor needs repair

As we have been adding more and more row crop to our little farm, it was suggested we fire up the old Kabota tractor to so some of the heavy work. Son in law Duane, a professional rancher for many years, came down from Sacramento this week and took the time to give me his opinion. Could the Kabota be repaired, or should it remain a “lawn ornament?” It’s a pretty cruddy looking thing; you have to stick a knife in the ignition to get it to turn over, and it needs $1,000 worth of tires all around. There’s not much remaining of the seat and the paint is so faded it looks like it belongs in the trash heap. It’s missing part of the starter mechanism and a valve. He added up all the parts we need to get it running again, and it definately makes sense to repair. That’s great news. Daughter Tessa says the most important thing is new paint.

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