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We’re excited about the Cress field that is coming along nicely; we think we’ll have our spicy cress bunches in our boxes next week. The rosemary looks like we can take cutting again next week, so we’ll have sprigs in all boxes as well. We’re harvesting macadamia nuts every day now, although the harvest is impacted from the miserable, squirrel population, we still have some nuts to share. We got ahead of ourselves last week, and tried to crack out nuts that really needed a little longer to dry out in the nut room; causing significant waste. We’ll have nuts for all as soon as we’re sure the nuts are dry enough to crack out easily.

We’re thinking the Hass avocado season is upon us shortly, probably starting in two weeks. Yeah!  And this week is the first harvest of our easy to peel Satsuma Mandarins. They’ve developed a nice tang and are quite sweet.

Soon we’ll have enough Navel oranges to put in boxes each week, right now there’s really only enough for the few “add-on” CSA member orders that we fill each week.

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