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Well, I think this is the best ever harvest ticket as far as readability goes. Each week I fiddle with different ways to get the ticket up on this blog. This week, it looks pretty readable. Yeah, me.

In light of our ongoing agricultural theft issues, we have decided to cut down some of our lime trees to make another row crop area that is easier to defend. So by September, we should be abandoning Garden X and Baby X which is the furthest away from the center of our farm and concentrating on our soon to be named new row crop garden next to the chickens.
It’s always a tough thing for me to cut ANY tree down, and I pretty much had to leave the farm as the chain saws were going. But I know that there’s no sense in working so hard at growing stuff that I can’t get in my CSA boxes because of theft. We’re figuring out costs this week to install security fencing and razor wire. We’ll probably do a combination of chain link, electrical and razor with some motion detection thrown in for the heck of it.
Our impish baby goats are getting bigger, and we’ve decided to keep two and sell two. Their antics are a source of pleasure for us all. Quick as blazes, I’m grateful to have bottle fed them; because if they didn’t WANT to come; pretty much, catching them would be impossible.

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