What's New, August 2008

We’re happily pumping from our new water source, the well we successfully drilled months ago is operational. Before we had over 30 valves to cover the east portion of the farm, now it’s down to 2 valves. Water pressure is outstanding! Work load is reduced! We’re giving our beautiful macadamia trees more water than they’ve ever had, and the crop looks excellent. We should begin harvest in earnest end of next month or early October.

The clunker of a Kabota tractor we inherited isn’t working yet, but we plan to get it fixed. I can’t believe how much even a used crummy tractor costs, so this one will have to be repaired. It looks more like it has more value as scrap than anything else, but we’ve been told it can be fixed. Meanwhile we rented a nice one from the rental yard and tilled the rented acreage next door for our winter plantings.

The summer has proved to be pleasant! No heat waves since May. Would love to invite interested parties to a weeding event end of August. E mail me at donna@morningsongfarm.com if you or your over-12 child would like to volunteer. We sure could use the help.

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