Yam Pie

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I wish we could rename the common yam, or at least my recipe below, to something with a better marketing zing. This pie is really rich and tasty, even for professed yam-haters…and doesn’t take a lot of work. I actually made it last night without a crust, (which makes it not a pie, actually)… pouring it into a glass brownie pan and then serving in squares with freshly whipped cream. I had meant to cool overnight and serve for dinner tonight, but I see my teenager has eaten most of it for breakfast…rendering any planned photo op somewhat useless, except as proof of its tastiness. 🙂
(see empty dish….draw conclusion.)

Bake 4 or so yams in the microwave or oven until soft. Cool so you don’t burn yourself scooping out.

You need:
2 cups of mashed yams
1 and a half cups of rich cream.(and extra if you want whipped topping)  I’m sorry to say that I’ve discovered for the first time that I can’t buy cream, either organic or conventional, that isn’t ultra-pasteurized. More on that later.
1/4 cup of dark brown sugar
3 tablespoons of black strap molasses
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons cinnamon (I prefer to grind my own from cinnamon bark)
1/2 teaspoon allspice
2 eggs

I didn’t bother to do a two step process. I just threw everything into my counter top mixer and mixed until smooth; and then poured into my glass brownie pan that I had buttered and floured to prevent sticking. (May not have been necessary)

Bake at 425 until a fork comes up clean when poked in the center.

I whipped a half cup of whipping cream with sugar and vanilla and had planned to use that as the topping. Since that’s missing too, I will assume it was used as intended.

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